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The Kilkenny Catwalk sculptures have been decorated by some of Ireland’s most talented artists, mainly local, for public display in and around Kilkenny City. We can't thank our artists enough for the brilliant creativity, dedication and time they gave to this project in bringing to life their 21 diverse and magnificent sculptures.

For the duration of the project, from now until its end in January 2022, there will be numerous opportunities for us to expose your creation via both traditional and social media and profile platforms. 

Once complete, in the first half of 2021, the Cat Sculptures will be collected, stored and photographed for marketing and publicity purposes.

The Kilkenny Catwalk 2021 art trail will have a high profile launch in the summer of 2021 prior to the Cat sculptures being positioned and exhibited in and around Kilkenny City.

Once the official trail starts we will simultaneously launch the Trail App with an interactive trail map and online auction allowing visitors to make a bid for their favourite piece. A live auction will also be arranged to help with the fundraising efforts of the Kilkenny Civic Trust.