Bonnie Mier / Cartoon Saloon

Bonnie was born in Nijmegen, the Netherlands and is currently based in Kilkenny where she works for Cartoon Saloon.

I studied to become a camera operator for 3 years before I realized I could combine my passion for film with my love for drawing, and thus major in animation! I’ve done jobs in both the Netherlands and Denmark where I’ve initially started as an asset designer and later moved into animation and tech work.

In 2018 I moved to Ireland to join Cartoon Saloon and it’s been great!

I have a broad interest in different aspects within an animation production, and try to make myself as versatile as possible! In the end, animation is an enormous collaborative project and communicating with people is what I love most.

In my spare time, I create small comics, read a lot of books and try to make the best coffee.