Richard Hearns

Richard Hearns was born in Beirut and raised in Dublin. He lives in and works from his studio in the heart of the Burren National Park, County Clare.

Having studied in Dublin at The Institute of Art, Design and Technology and The National College of Art and Design, Richard’s talent for drawing and line work led to a keen interest in observational painting. Though practiced in a variety of media his works are primarily oil based.

In more recent years Richard has turned his attention to gestural abstract painting. These works have brought an entirely new discipline and challenge to his practice. He channels his energy through the brush and onto the canvas, rendering a balanced and meaningful expression of all that he is in that moment.

Richard has been exhibiting internationally for over a decade. His works can be found in important collections around the globe. To date he has had solo shows in Dublin, London, Paris, Barcelona, Los Angeles and New York.